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Guest Comments

Leigh and Alan,
What a truly magnificent and magical experience you have crafted for us. Everything from the food to the wonderful room was simply amazing. We have had the time of our lives staying here and you can be sure we will be back.
Thank you for being so hospitable and feeding our eyes as well as our taste buds,

Robert and Allison

Alan and Leigh,
Thank you for your hospitality, delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, humor, charm and all of the "right things" that we, as Katy Trail Bikers, needed! We felt at home, enjoyed the pool and the fire pit in Cinderella's pumpkin carriage! And this Tree Top Suite was so quiet! Just what we needed!

Alan and Leigh,
Thank you for a wonderful stay! We enjoyed our time here - thank you for opening your home to us.

Alan - top job on the lovely breakfast! Wow!
Leigh - thank you for your graciousness - a delight!

Much love to you both!
Mandy and Joe
Rob and Denise

Thank you for another great stay. As our second time here, it feels like visiting family and catching up on life.
The rooms/home are beautiful and eclectic. The is scrumptious and memorable.
There's an energy and positive magnetism to this place that draws you in. There is joy and laughter. There is family and connection.
Thank you for building a lasting memory. Experiences last forever and staying here will not be forgotten.

God Bless,
Jeff and Jennifer

7/7 - 7/9/13
Thank you so much for the perfect honeymoon getaway! We enjoyed everything from the decadent food to your warm company. We will be coming back to visit soon, I'm sure of it. And we have already recommended you to our friends and family. I don't know of any better place for a quiet weekend. Thanks again for all of your care in our stay. See you soon!

Erin and Scott

We had a wonderful stay. We echo what many have said. What makes this special is the two of you. We felt we were visiting old friends (old in length of friendship NOT age :) ) Breakfast was amazing! Thanks for everything!

Eleen & Jim

October 25 & 26th 2012
Another great weekend in the Turret Suite.

Adam Long

Soft music, clock chimes, church bell, frogs, birds chirping the smell of fresh coffee, bacon - quiet hum of the fans - a great experience - precious memories. Thanks!

Steve and Jill

You and Alan make a darling couple! You truly compliment each other! We had an absolutely wonderful time. It was great to be catered to and we felt so at home! Thank you.

Joe & Toni

Oh Leigh and Alan, What a wonderful experience to stay here. It will become the standard by which we will judge all future B & B's. I'm afraid we're in for many let downs! Thank you!

Russ and Jan-Illinois

Leigh & Alan, After a hot, muggy day on the Katy Trail, your home was pure heaven! Everything you provided for us made us feel wonderfully pampered. The breakfast was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Barb and George-Lincoln, Ne.

What an honor to be a charter guest in the Turret Suite Room! Be forewarned - I was convinced that nothing could top the attic room, but one wonderful day and night made a believer and convert. What an experience! The only disagreement were which qualities we liked best. To Doni, it was the awesome poster bed with Alan's creative canopies. To me, the claw-foot tub and candles and view of the Augusta Valley. We both love your museum touches, the artifacts and antiques which you discover in the strangest nooks and crannies. But the most pleasant surprise was the transformation that took place at night. With the night time breezes and tree limbs waving at us through the many windows, the room became a stage, and the breezes and shadows became fairies watching over us. We slept wonderfully, but I was grateful for those waking moments in the spring night where the peace and tranquility of Augusta kept us safe in our beautiful room.

Tom and Donna

Alan and Leigh, Your friendship and historical beautiful home just keep us coming back for more and more. When we saw that our 23rd (May 22) anniversary fell on a Saturday, we couldn't think of a more romantic get away. It's like coming back to an old friend every time we stay with you. This gorgeous Turret Suite Room has just given the Tree Top Suite a run for the money. Until next time, thanks for the memories and the friendship. Love,

Patty and Tim

Dear Leigh and Alan, How wonderful it was to turn in to your beautiful lush garden after a long day on the trail. This was the special night and the surprise of an elegant dinner added to the whole event. This is the most lovely Bed and Breakfast room we have ever stayed in. Everything is perfect... a slice of joy. Your delicious breakfast is a great send off. Thank you for being here. Happy summer!

Debbie and Fred

Leigh and Alan, This have been a whimsical, magical, mind-expanding, classy experience. The Turret Suite and the rest of your home is absolutely beautiful, and you are too!

John and Carol